We have over 5 years of experience developing mapping solutions. See our products!


  Offline map technologies

Our products are tailored for searching, rendering and viewing map data on mobile devices. At the heart of our products lie efficiency and ease of use. We provide innovative search solutions for OSM data that are optimized for mobile use.

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  Sputnik SDK + Osm Parser

We have developed a cross-platform library for offline maps. It is extremely easy to use OSM data on mobile and desktop platforms.

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  MapView for Android/iOS

Wouldn't it be great to have a native viewer for your map data? We have built an extremely customizable and efficient map viewer that can satisfy all the needs for displaying maps.

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You have a question on how to organize and scale your business in the area of mapping services? With our team of professionals we will help you answer those questions.

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  Custom software

Having over 5 years of expertise in mapping software and services we can help you build your own products or adapt ours to fit your needs. We love building software that works reliably and is easy to maintain.

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Want to know about trends and methods in the area of mobile mapping? You are at the right place. UrbanLabs constantly learns new technoligies to make sure we don't lag behind. We can also help you find out the right technology and teach how to use it.

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UrbanLabs is interested in cooperation. Contact us if you have anything in mind. We will make it work!

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